Personal Training

Personal Training

Get the personalized attention you need.



Learn how to develop healthier eating habits.

Powerlifting Coaching

Powerlifting Coaching

We take your weightlifting goals seriously at Lions Fitness.

Gym Memberships

Gym Memberships

Sign up for a membership today.

We're Not Your Average Gym

We're just the Strongest!

Calling on all serious gym goers: Lions Fitness is the gym for you. If you're serious about getting stronger, we're serious about helping you! Unlike those commercial gyms in town, we offer customized personal training, powerlifting coaching and nutrition advice. These programs are designed for men and women who want to see real results.

Our clients come from all fitness backgrounds and motivate each other to do their best. Be part of a supportive community and reach your goals faster-join Lions Fitness today.

It's Time to Break Up With Your Commercial Gym

If you want to see results, join Lions Fitness today

Find a real place to lift weights

Lions Fitness is for people who want to get serious about their health and fitness goals. Need proof? Here are five reasons why our clients have ditched other gyms for Lions Fitness:


We take our clients' weightlifting goals seriously.

You won't find this level of commitment at any other gym in town.


We're open to everyone.

While many of our clients are competitive power lifters, whether you are a novice or experienced in the gym, Lions Fitness is the place for you.


We have the best equipment available.

You'll lift with equipment that is used in competitions all across the world. Including; Rogue Fitness equipment, TSS combo racks, Power bars, and calibrated KG plates.


We offer customized coaching programs.

You can work with a personal trainer to reach your goals faster. Visit our Personal Training page now to learn more.


We offer affordable memberships.

Lions Fitness offers a General Admission Membership for just $65 a month.

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